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Under a complete hiatus until I can find two new moderators. If you are interested please message me, ferrars. Thank you.

Welcome to iam_lj, the community where you can claim actors, actresses, musicians, models, athletes and other non-fictional figures! Join and submit your claim so you can be the _____ of LiveJournal. See the rules and info for details.

claim lists
Musicians A-M, Musicians N-Z, Actresses, Actors, Models, Athletes, Everyone Else

further reading
Why we are no longer accepting fictional character claims.
"Why was my post rejected?"
Ask a question.
Suggestion post.
Further explanation of the rules, hints and tips on posting.

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rules & info
1. One claim per person.

2. Don't be a whiner if someone already has the character you want. There's plenty out there, and this is done on a first come first serve basis.

3. When posting, title your post "Let me tell you..." and in the body put "I am the [first name, last name] (fandom/category they are in) of LiveJournal." (Minus quotes. It should look something like this.) Your post should also include the appropriate tags (category, first name, last name, user), check our tags page or user posts for examples.

4. Please no standalone stage names, others may post your claim under his/her real name. There are exceptions for artists who have not revealed his/her name; if so, before or after submitting the post, add a comment THIS POST stating the situation. If your claim has a stage name or a nickname that you would like to include, you can add it in quotes between the first and last name.

5. If your journal becomes inactive (no posts in the space of three months) your claim may be taken by another user. If you do not remain a member of this community (you don't need to watch it, just stay a member) your claim can be taken by another user.

6. Actors, Actresses, Musicians, Models and Athletes can be claimed. Please say in your post which category they fall into. If they don't call into a category that has it's own post, still feel free to post it and I'll put it in the "Everyone Else" category (You still need to state what they're known for, though.) If you would like to claim a fictional character, please go to iam_the.

7. Please see THIS POST if you would like to change your claim, or if you are changing your user name.

8. Please link to us in your profile. Feel free to make your own graphics, state it however you want, as long as it is linked back to your post where you made your claim.

9. Failure to follow any of the above may cause you to get your post deleted/your claim taken away.

10. If your username has been strikethroughed on the claims list (and you have not notified us of a username change or that you want to keep your claim), your claim may be deleted.